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“There are, in truth, no specialties in medicine, since to know fully many of the most important diseases a man must be familiar with their manifestations in many organs.”  William Osler

The Link Hub is an organised database of helpful information for the busy GP. We have referred to it throughout the Complete CSA Casebook.

Over the years we have filed all the helpful resources we have found and used.

Being a ‘Specialist Generalist’, managing any problem which walks through the door, requires having to retain and refer to 10+ years of training from all departments. Sometimes knowing where to go to quickly to find clinician guidance, or patient education and support, can be gold dust – hence the treasure chest symbol used throughout the Complete CSA Casebook.

We hope you find it useful. The Link Hub is ordered in line with of the RCGP curriculum and colour coded to match the Complete CSA Casebook chapters.

2 Healthy People page 33

3 Genetics in Primary Care page 61

4 Acutely Ill People page 83

5 Children and Young People page 105

6 Older Adults page 127

7 Maternal Health page 149

8 Gynaecology page 173

9 Men’s Health page 199

10 Sexual Health page 223

11 End of Life Care page 247

12 Mental Health page 269

13 Intellectual Disability (ID) page 291

14 Cardiovascular page 313

15 Digestive Health page 337

16 Drug and Alcohol Abuse page 359

17 ENT, Oral and Facial page 381

18 Eye Problems page 405

19 Metabolic Problems page 429

20 Neurological Problems page 453

21 Respiratory Health page 475

22 Musculoskeletal Problems page 499

23 Skin Problems page 521

Appendix – Useful Resources page 559




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