RCA course November 2022


RCA course (via Zoom) delivered by the Authors of The Complete CSA Casebook and RCA Examiners 

Friday 11th November 2022, 9am

Everything you need to know about the RCA & the mandatory cases

Case selection & how to demonstrate consultation complexity skills across the RCA mark scheme.

Q&A ask an RCA Examiner session

Case session in small groups of 4-6. Simulated cases (RCA Examiner approved) specifically designed for the RCA. The focus of the session – How to demonstrate important skills (within the RCA marking scheme) in your future cases.

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From June 2020 we collaborated with RCA Examiners and developed an RCA Course to get all trainees on the path to success with their RCA and also significantly help trainees in difficulty.

Through years of delivering Complete CSA Courses to trainees from across the UK and our workshops within our own schemes, we continuously witness trainees not able to demonstrate consultation skills despite three years of general practise training. We have worked with many trainees who have gone on to pass their final attempt (with great marks) after we have shared our teaching techniques and enthusiasm for excellent consultation skills and knowledge of the marking scheme.

Refunds for cancellations are available up to 6 weeks prior to the course date minus processing fee. For our contact details please go to here