Reviews from the Complete CSA Course

Maximum group size of 4! 
“Lots of opportunity to do cases and gain experience…
RCGP course has groups of 12, 1 case done by each candidate” 

“Helpful being able to practice cases in real time with accurate marking and instant objective feedback.

“Useful breaking down the difference between score 1, 2 and 3.”

“Most useful content in the presentation.”

“Wonderful course!”

“Very well structured day.”

“Great feedback after cases.”

“I feel encouraged by all the positive feedback and useful tips – the CSA doesn’t seem as impossible as it did before I came to the course!”

“Useful techniques for dealing with difficult situations.”

“Enjoyed the level of difficulty of the course cases.”

“Useful advice to tackle complex cases.”

“Useful complexity of cases.”

“Good and realistic actors.”

“A lot of confidence boosting.”

“Extremely helpful feedback with specific identification of weaknesses.”

“Helpful phrases and domain strategy, structure of the performance and feedback, and switching of access to gain more perspectives.”

“Really valuable to be given other phrases to use instead if something didn’t work,”

“Being told how to change pass to clear pass.”

“Small groups of 4 … personalised feedback … good actors.”

“Wish to do hundreds of cases with you!”

“Nice warm and friendly environment.”

“The two presentations were very useful.”

“Lots of practical tips and advice … lots of opportunity to do cases and gain experience.”

“Constructive feedback after each case.”

“Good exposure to different cases … Good actors and great feedback.”

“Detailed analysis of how the consultation was done, words and phrases to avoid, what to pay attention to.”

“Perfect course!”

Reviews from the Complete CSA Casebook

A treasure trove of CSA cases. Well laid out in line with the RCGP Curriculum with well referenced learning points and plenty of practical advice. Dr Simon Huins, FRCGP, CSA Examiner and Somerset Training Programme Director

I have been a CSA examiner since its inception and have worked on the Bristol CSA Study Course since it came into being. The Complete CSA Casebook uses Liz Moulton’s approach to the consultation to best effect. The sections on assisting the approach to passing the cases is well worked up and the tips and referencing are up to date with the latest references and thinking. The cases are usefully grouped in curriculum sections. My assessment of the cases having worked through them with my GPRs (all of whom are planning to take the CSA in the next three months) is that they represent a level of complexity and difficulty slightly above the CSA cases themselves which some consider an advantage. Overall we feel this book will prove to be a very valuable resource for groups working for the CSA. Tony Wright, FRCP FRCGP Cert Med Ed

It’s a truism that the best way to prepare for the CSA exam is to consult with patients. But for ‘spare time’ preparation, when there are no patients handy, role play with realistic cases and informed, constructive feedback is the next best thing. And ‘CSA Casebook’ will provide CSA aspirants and their educators with all the material they need. This excellent and comprehensive resource ticks all the required boxes but goes over and above by providing detailed ‘ideal’ consultation answers plus a ring-bind format enhancing sharing and interaction. Every trainer should have one. Dr Keith Hopcroft, associate GP trainer and clinical advisor, Pulse.

How easy would it be if all the material you needed for the CSA were in one book, and the curriculum was distilled into a usable guide for you? Here is it. Complete CSA is a one stop shop of excellence, combining cases with exemplary consultations and background knowledge for those tricky scenarios. The absolute mastery of Complete CSA is the way it is so comprehensive without overwhelming. A must have revision aid. Dr Laura Armitage, GP and Past AiT Committee Chair, RCGP.

This book covers all aspects of the RCGP curriculum to an extremely high standard with the latest guidelines summarised in a superbly convenient, easy access way. During revision you end up with so many resources for the different aspects of curriculum that to have them all to hand while role playing is priceless. The layout is enjoyably logical, coordinated and allows a consistent safe approach to the exam, as well as for GP training and real life consultations. The colour coordination is a particular highlight, and the patient/doctor cards allow effortless CSA exam style case practice. The book would also remain extremely useful once qualified for refreshing memory of guidelines and brushing up on essential GP skills and knowledge. Dr Rachel Ruddock MRCGP DRCOG MBChB, GP at Vere Foster Medical Group, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

This book is an excellent resource for any GP trainee preparing for the CSA. The authors provide useful hints and tips on a large number of important areas as well as over 100 cases covering all aspects of the RCGP Curriculum. The cases are a good representation of what you will encounter on the day and the ring binder format will make for easy role playing when revising. A great book for GP trainees and trainers alike. Dr Lara Khoury MRCGP, MBBS, BSc Hons, GP at Ellison View Surgery, South Tyneside.